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IMS Ensures it All at MBA Manthan

Ready to shape your MBA journey? Secure your spot at MBA Manthan now!

Representation from

20+ B-Schools

21st Jan 2024

8:30 AM to 7 PM

Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Auditorium

Why Attend MBA Manthan?

Not Just Another Education Fest!

  • Career Insights

    Immerse yourself in motivating lectures delivered by professionals and experts in the field. Their personal insights and experience will offer valuable perspectives to help you construct your professional path.

  • One-on-One Interactions

    Engage in one-on-one interaction sessions with B-School representatives & seasoned mentors that shape your unique academic journey & unravel the intricacies of your career aspirations.

  • Connect, Learn and Plan Your Future

    Immerse yourself in insightful sessions, build meaningful connections, and strategically plan your academic journey. Join us for an event that goes beyond education, shaping your path to success!

The Sessions Schedule

Sessions by B-School Representatives, IMS Mentors & Industry Experts

TBD Soon
Finance as a Career Option
Dive into the myriad career opportunities within finance, exploring roles in investment banking, corporate finance, and more for a prosperous career path.

8:30 AM

Duration: 45 mins
TBD Soon
Marketing as a Career Option
Explore the dynamic world of marketing, understanding consumer behavior, branding strategies, and digital marketing's evolution for future career prospects.

9:15 AM

Duration: 45 mins
TBD Soon
Business Analytics as a Career Option
Understand the pivotal role of data analytics in business decision-making, exploring career paths in data science, predictive modeling, and analytics consultancy.

10:15 AM

Duration: 45 mins
TBD Soon
HR as a Career Option
Delve into the strategic role of HR, focusing on talent management, organizational behavior, and HR analytics for aspiring HR professionals.

12 PM

Duration: 45 mins
Mr. Rutvik Lingayat
Mentor, IMS Ahmedabad
MDI Gurgaon Alum
Maximising Your 2 Years of an MBA
Strategize to leverage your MBA journey, focusing on networking, internships, skill-building, and specialization for personal and professional growth.

12:45 PM

Duration: 45 mins
Mr. Vipul Tyagi
Director, IMS Gujarat
New Age Management Careers
Discover emerging career paths in management, embracing technology, sustainability, and innovation, shaping the future of the business landscape.

2:30 PM

Duration: 45 mins
Mr. Ujjwal Nagar
Director, IMS Gujarat
MBA in Gujarat - Pro Tips
Gain valuable insights and guidance specific to pursuing an MBA in Gujarat, exploring academic opportunities, industry connections, and regional advantages.

3:15 PM

Duration: 45 mins
Mr. Abhishek Baraiya
CAT23 A'bad City Topper
What it takes to crack CAT
Uncover essential strategies, preparation techniques, and exam insights to ace the competitive CAT exam for MBA admissions in top-tier institutions.

5 PM

Duration: 1 hr
TBD Soon
Profile Building
Learn the art of crafting a standout profile, focusing on skills, experiences, networking, and personal branding for career advancement and opportunities.

6 PM

Duration: 1 hr

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